Free eBook on How to Draw Animals

Free eBook on How to Draw Animals

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If Id been born a century earlier, I think I would have loved menageries. They sound quite romantic, dont they? And it probably would have been the only time I ever stood face to face with exotic animals from distant places.

A successful horse drawing is often a matter of getting the leg
proportions of the animal correct.

Nowadays, animals both exotic and domestic are all around us–in our homes, on our TVs and computers, at local farms, and at zoos near and far. All that access to our animal brethren is what inspired our latest free eBook: How to Draw Animals: Easy Animals to Draw Including Horses, Dogs, and More. It explores how to make realistic sketches and drawings of animals all while teaching us how to hone our abilities to find good references for these kinds of works even if you dont have access to the actual subject matter. Most importantly, it shows you how to see the drawing through from beginning to end.

How to Draw Animals: Easy Animals to Draw Including Horses, Dogs, and Morestarts with drawing materials and useful pencil strokes youll likely want to employ as you set your sights on a series of horse drawings or want to learn more about how to draw a dog, perhaps for someone in your family who adores mans best friend as much as you do.

The step-by-step breakdown of each animal drawing means that the anatomy, fur texture, and body position of all the animals is taken into consideration. There is no guesswork for us as we go through the basics of horse drawing, how to draw a dog, and how to draw a cat.

Learning how to draw animals with this free eBook is an easy and accessible way to learn universal rules for animal drawings that you can apply over and over. And as we come into the holidays, I have visions of giving the loved ones in my life sketches and drawings of their favorite animal. I think this will be a hit, especially with the little ones in my family. Download your copy of How to Draw Animals: Easy Animals to Draw Including Horses, Dogs, and More and enjoy!

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